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In 1934 Laurens Hammond invented the first magnetic tone wheel electronic harmonic drawbar organ.

Henry Ford, founder of Ford Motor Company bought the first ones off the production line. Pipe organ manufacturers of the day were not happy with the threat of such a small instrument taking the place of the their big pipe organs and refused to let Hammond call his invention an organ. A public trial was set up to see if a musically knowledgeable and mixed audience could discern the difference in sound between the two instruments. The result was that of course no one could tell the difference and the court's decision was to allow Hammondís new instrument to be called an organ.

This was the beginning of the age of the modern electronic organ - the most versatile instrument ever produced.

Since then the Hammond has been the most sought after organ sound in the world.
The new Hammondís are steeped in tradition, maintaining the sound of all the yesteryear great Hammond organ sounds, combined with the awesome realism of todayís digital sound reproduction. 

Combine your new Hammond with the Leslie Tone Cabinet System for a new added dimension in sound.

See them, hear them, play them at Lowe's Pianos and Organs. 

Hammond Organs - Click Photo To View Details
122XB Leslie Tone Cabinet XM-2 Drawbar Sound Module B3 Hammond Combo Organ 
$6595 from $1695 from $23995
New B3 Organ XK-3/c Keyboard XK-3 system
from $25995 from $4295 from $9995
Hammond New B3 Organ  Hammond XK-3 Keyboard

Leslie Tone Cabinet 21Mk11 Systems XK-1 Keyboard Leslie Model 3300
from $5390 from $2395 from $4295
  Leslie Tone Cabinet Systems


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